Fulfillment without the fluff.

Get the complete measure of services while keeping the hands-on
experience you love.

We can handle
literally everything

We are well versed in all aspects of circulation. We take care of subscriber customer service, outbound telemarketing, receiving phone calls, label printing, renewal design, printing and mailing. We offer extended services that go far beyond the usual fulfillment house.

Differentiating traits Legacy fulfillment
Flexible fulfillment by
subscription genius
Long-term contracts
Minumum service level
Pay for what you need
Integrated into software you control
Control over the sales and marketing process

Track your success

With fulfillment services tightly integrated into Subscription Genius you’ll understand the performance and profitability of each campaign. Built in reporting makes the entire process easy to visualize.

Create & modify your designs online

Edit and design your print pieces using our cloud-based software. Making changes and tweaking details can be accomplished on the fly without cumbersome exports and re-uploading. You can even use one of our design templates to further streamline your workflow.

Scale as you grow

The mix of services is completely up to you. Pick the services you need and determine how often you want to put your hands on circulation data.

If you are either experiencing rapid growth, or have already grown to a size that demands the need for diverse fulfillment assistance, we have the ability to tailor a service package that fits your unique needs.

Our no-contract model goes hand-in-hand with our scalable service offering. In contrast to traditional fulfillment houses, you will never be tied to a long term fixed agreement.

Cost Calculator
Monthly Fee $0.00
First Class Full Color Invoice with Return Envelope* $0.40/ea. $0.35/ea. $0.30/ea.
First Class Full Color Letter* $0.33/ea. $0.28/ea. $0.23/ea.
First Class Postcards* $0.25/ea. $0.20/ea. $0.15/ea.
Business Reply Renewal Processing
$1.45/ea. $1.40/ea. $1.35/ea.
Blow-in Card Processing Basic
$1.95/ea. $1.90/ea. $1.85/ea.
Blow-in Card Processing w/ Private BRM Permit
$1.35/ea. $1.30/ea. $1.25/ea.
In & Out Bound Call Processing $0.60/min $0.55/min $0.50/min
* Pricing includes 5% ink coverage. Ink overage charges apply. *Postage not included in mail services.