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Subscription Genius Support Policy

At Subscription Genius we offer a platform of included chat and email support, and additional consultant support on an “as needed” basis (see pricing details below). During your 14 Day Free Trial, or during the first 14 days after your account activation, a member of our team will be assigned to provide you, and any member of your team, the necessary training to gain full functionality of the software. During these first 14 days you’re offered up to 4 full hours of dedicated, one-on-one training with your Genius team member. You also have unlimited access to our free email support desk, which is staffed to assist in any day-to-day tasks that may propose some questions while using the software. The email support is included in your account and is accessible at any time, for the entire duration of your Subscription Genius membership. You will not be charged for email support.

Import assistance is also available. Your Genius team member will walk you through mapping each field when importing your subscriber database to ensure the import is done accurately. Please make sure your import file fits the requirements to successfully upload into Subscription Genius. File tailoring and custom import consulting is available if you need assistance, at a rate of $25 for every 10 columns on your CSV file. If calculations or formulas need to implemented additional charges may apply. A sample CSV file is available to use for editing a CSV on your own behalf, free of charge.

After your training period of 14 days is over, or you have utilized your full 4 hour time allotment for individual training, additional one-on-one consulting can be requested. In the event that additional one-on-one consulting is needed, a member of our development team can assist you. This customer support service is separate form our free email support, and is charged in ten minute time slots at a rate of $25 (per ten minutes) or $150 per hour. Premium representation from a developer or consultant can be used for any technological or business related matter regarding Subscription Genius. This includes but is not limited to: Web Development inquires, API training, Paywall integration training, Import file tailoring, one-on-one phone support, advanced account editing, etc.

Email support can always provide you with answers to any day-to-day questions you may have during your relationship with Subscription Genius, at no charge.The email chat can be accessed at any time while logged into your Subscription Genius account. You will also have access to our Education Database, which offers videos and written training materials for

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Genius team at

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